Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meta Days 1-2

Hello everyone!

Sorry to be late in posting, but the first two days so far have been going fabulously and I am really excited.

1. 2 days without grains/starches/dairy/soda (even DIET) 
2. 2 days of doing BOTH cardio and MS.

Let me just start off by saying by eliminating those from my diet, I feel physically already SO MUCH BETTER.  Not tired, not sleepy, a lot of energy, and NO CRAVINGS (yet)~!

As for my workouts- I used to barely be able to shuffle through step touching my cardio but now I find it easier to jump along.  First day I did very little, second day a bit more.  As for the MS I started at 10 reps and went up to 12.  I have a LOT of body weight I'm lifting so I'm not letting the low reps hurt my motivation.  They burn just the same.

Day 2 also came along with major PMS fatigue.  Where I would normally be like "Oh I can't workout... Pooor meeee" I actually sucked it up and worked out.

They say you  never regret a workout, and so far they are right. 

Day 3 post on the way!

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