Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Damage Control

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, and that usually means parties with tons of fattening snacks, alcohol, and fun.  And it also means (mostly) overeating.

Did you overindulge?  It's okay.  Today, take it easy and get back on your normal routine.  Don't try to kill yourself by overdoing the exercise. 

As long as you don't eat like this daily, once in a while won't kill you.  

I read an article with more tips on post-game debauchery!

Here's some tips from the article.

While drinking sodas and alcohol, drink water in between so you drink a little less of the bad stuff.

Eat a small meal before the game so you're not so hungry to eat the snacks and calories

Start the next day with a sensible diet and moderate intensity exercise

As for me, I didn't do anything like this for the game, I am not into American football.  Did any of you guys party it up last night?

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