Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello everyone!

I begin my Turbo Fire attempt tomorrow (it's only 9 weeks, so if it's epic fail then no biggie).  I am making some preparations!

1. Making brown rice. Yes, rice. Which leads to the next thing.
2. Making a batch of grilled chicken. Which leads to-
3. Preparing bento lunches for days I have to go to work- which is Monday-Thursday.  I posted before about this Japanese lunch jar set I have.

It has 3 bowls in it and it keeps food warm or cold  (whatever you put in).   It has a soup bowl, a bowl for rice, and a bowl for something else.  So, I am going to start packing miso soup in the soup bowl, brown rice in the middle rice bowl and my chicken in the top.   Yes, I know this is lacking vegetables. I can have those at dinnertime.  (I usually have a huge plate when I make them so I can TECHNICALLY get all or close to all of my veggies in one meal.)

Also these bowls are NOT big, they're not small, but just right.  I have eaten similar lunches in this thing before and got the right amount of full.  They're based on Japanese portion sizes which are a lot closer to how a lot of Americans SHOULD be eating instead of massive plates of food that we're used to.

4. Bringing quick cooking steel cut oatmeal, a jar of peanut butter and my pumpkin pie spices to work and keeping them at the office with a bowl so I can make breakfast there (I start at 8 am and lately I have been just getting McDonald's food for breakfast. No bueno).  I also have a Brita water bottle with a filter in it so I can always get water that doesn't taste like nasty rusty pipes (I'm looking at YOU, water fountains).

5. I am going to count calories and write everything down but I am not going to be too anal about it either.

6. I have to wake up early tomorrow (since I will be gone from 7 am to 10 pm) and get my Fire 30 done. It's only a half hour and I can shower, throw my food into the jar and leave. 

7. A non food-related preparation- Hanging up the largest pair of jeans I own for trying-on purposes.  I have not worn a pair of jeans in over a year now because I am way too big.  The biggest pair I have is a junior's size 17.  I also have a couple of size 15 jeans and one 13.  After that, I need new jeans.  Once I hit a size 13 in junior's pants, I can start rocking my Juicy Couture tracksuits because their extra large is about a junior's 13.

8. Weigh in on my Nintendo Wii.  Then I can take pictures of the neat little graph it makes as I weigh in each day. 

9. Take body measurements.  Not pictures this time, I have some pics of  me that are pretty close to what I am now.  

After I post this, I will start cooking and what not, lots to do tomorrow. 

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