Sunday, November 6, 2011

Updates Galore!

Hello everyone!

I have some updates for you! 

Over the next week or so, the blog might start looking different. I am playing around with different designs and such to make it a little prettier around here. I think the old way is boring, needs a change, don't you think?  There may be times when the site is down, or looks crazy. No worries- it's being worked on!  I might also delete some old posts, they're cluttery to me. 

If you have not read my last post, I will be starting Hipcentric as of tomorrow.  Tracy and her team have an email set up specifically to help figure out your body type and what kind of workout/diet to do for best results for you personally.  The long story short- Yes, I am Abcentric like I thought, however she wants me to do Hipcentric for 90 days and then do Abcentric Meta.  This is because my abs are too weak to do the Abcentric stuff without higher risk of injury.

As for diet- I am quite relieved in that I do not have to follow the plan that came with meta.  They told me specifically to just watch my eating for 90 days.  I was told to drink the shake in the morning and have a healthy meal for lunch and dinner. Easy! I would like to make those two meals mostly low carb, gluten/wheat-free and even more ideally, vegan. However, some meat here and there won't kill me.  It's mostly wheat and starch I really want to avoid- ESPECIALLY wheat.  Wheat these days is nothing like wheat was 100 years ago.

I did order the shake for a month's supply just to try and taste it, see how I feel, etc. Yes, it does have some evaporated cane juice in it- but that is a FAR cry from the nutritional hell I normally drink- diet coke, coffee with all kinds of stuff in it, things of that nature.  I do like how Tracy's shake is vegan and gluten free. Big plus. As I said before, I will try it for a couple weeks and review it.  If I like it, and see results, etc, then I will keep on the shake and eating plan until I drop more weight.

I have also again been a very bad, bad, naughty girl and missed a few workouts and ate horribly.  I don't know what I was thinking and there's really no excuse for it. I am hitting the mat again tomorrow, fresh and new. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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