Thursday, November 3, 2011

Starting over but NOT for the reason you might think!

Hello everyone!

I am very excited about this post.  As you can see, I am starting Meta over- but NOT because I slipped up, "failed" or anything like that.  I actually got a personalized prescription from the boss lady herself! 

How did this happen? How can you get one too? 

A couple of weeks ago, Tracy posted on the Metamorphosis community page the following:

"Hello community!! First of all I want to thank all of you for the amazing letters of support for my pregnancy! Wow! What amazing women we have here. I am so excited and will be filming pregnancy videos as well as spending most of my time on further research and development for all of you. I have such an amazing staff that I work very closely with everyday. Maria Kelling and Stacey McDermott who you all have probably seen on qvc with me are my right hand girls. They have been at the top working beside me where no one else has been for many years now. You will get to see more of them in continuity! Which will be very exciting. I have filmed the first year and the first 90 days of the second year already. I have created the entire second year as well and its going to be great to have Maria and Stacey execute it because we are going to be able to not have as many edits as the first few continuities had. Continuity is SO important to your transformation and results. I can’t stress it enough. It creates miracles! I loved my time on the community so much I am now making more time for it. No one can answer your questions about what centric you are except for me and my prescription team. So we have created an email so that you can email us your photos and we will tell you if you are on the right program or when you might need to switch during continuity. The prescription process is key to your results and takes years to understand. You are how you move and designing bodies isn’t easy so please reach out to us. We are here for you and we are so proud of you! We have such an exciting and empowering journey laid out for you! Love, Tracy"

So, out of curiosity, I took down that centric email and shot over an email with some front and side view pictures.

It took about a week, but I got a reply!

"Hi Roxanne, 

Thank you so much for your photos!  Tracy said you are abcentric (you are right!), however, you are too weak in the abs to start abcentric, so go to Hipcentric for 3 months and then start Abcentric Level 1.  She also wants you to do our wellness shake (found on our website) and watch your food for those 3 months, while on Hipcentric.  

Shake in the AM and continue with what you would eat for lunch, dinner, etc.  If you would like some advice on this, feel free to email me!  

You're doing an amazing job!!  Please let me know if you have any questions and keep us posted!"
Well well. Turns out I was correct about being abcentric! The shocking thing is that she wants me to do Hip first (which I am borrowing from a friend).  I can actually see how that could work.
1. Because it's weakness, Hip and Omni are identical on all the odd numbered levels. So in a way she is strengthening up my WHOLE body on those odd levels.  I also have little saddlebags on my hips, so the Hipcentric unique levels (the even numbers) can work on those.  I actually have very tight, weak hips. I LOATHE lifting my legs to the side.

2. Probably because my abs aren't fully awake yet at all, she doesn't want me to injure myself by rushing in too quickly.

Yes, she is telling me to use her shake. (I hear a lot of people say how she's always trying to push it on people) However, from what I have seen she has not been telling that to EVERYONE.   Also she only wants me on the shake for 3 months, and for breakfast with 2 solid meals for lunch and dinner.  No mention of purees, or any of that insanity.  This saves me a whole lot of time in the kitchen!  She also says feel free to ask any questions- I will be holding her up to that. 

I have already asked if by Ab level 1 she means Meta or Continuity (I am pretty sure she means Meta, waiting for response), and also advice on what kinds of foods would make a good lunch and dinner.  A shake for breakfast and solids for lunch and dinner seems pretty reasonable actually.  I don't really have huge hunger in the mornings anyway.  I will also be sending them MORE pictures after I have done Hip and Ab Metas to see where to go from there. I pray she says to go with Ab continuity. I will be putting my second round of ab continuity on hold until I get close to that point. No sense in paying for more things I won't use.

I will be trying the shake for at least one month, to see how it tastes, how I feel, etc and I will be writing a review on it.   It probably won't be right away after I receive it, but after I've used it for at least two weeks.

I will still be working out while waiting for the shakes to arrive (I haven't ordered yet) but I will not be doing meta. Instead I will be flirting with Mat, learning some choreographed cardio, Webisodes, etc. just to keep me active while I wait.

If you haven't bought any Metamorphosis stuff yet, send your pics to the email before you do! It's worth the wait!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I just got the DVDS and am preparing to start the plan, but I went to the store and found that all the food needed for the nutrient weeks was too expensive (and too much to get home without a car). I wonder if I could also do what you are doing?

  2. I'm pretty sure you could. I am waiting for her response as to specific foods she recommends.