Sunday, November 27, 2011

Abcentric Day 13

Hello everyone!

Short post today-

Yesterday I did my 3rd day of Level 2, and it is getting a little easier. Not easier as in less burning in my muscles, but easier as in coordination.  The first two days I had a bit of trouble following the floor abs but yesterday I think I handled myself a lot better.  Also, I was able to up my reps in the leg section by 5, so I am at 25 reps per leg now.  I think I will do 25 one more day then increase to 30. 

As for cardio, I had a busy day yesterday and was only really able to get my MS in.  I was going to do my cardio even though it was 1 in the morning, but then I got hit with a wave of tired and decided to just sleep it off and MAYBE do more cardio today. 

Yesterday I splurged a little in my eating.  I ended up having a fairly large dinner, but only with lots of beef, salad and a bite or two of mashed potatoes.  I do like to give myself little protein boosts like this from time to time. 

I hope everyone has a great Sunday- this might be a rest day for some of you but not for me. 


  1. Woot Woot! Keep up the great work Roxy! You are getting further and further one day at a time, and seriously what incredible results you got in the first ten days!

  2. I hope that it keeps happening. I feel like my weight loss has slowed a LOT but I think that's also because my monthly "buddy" is on the way this week and I do bloat up a little.

  3. There will definitely be ups and downs. I don't think it will ever be a straight line of weightloss. But if you expect the ups and down knowing that you are overall still moving in the right direction, you'll be just fine :)