Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 8

Hello everyone!

Well first a quick post about my workout last night.  I wasn't feeling too well, like I was starting to come down with a cold or something (which I woke up with). All I was able to get through was my MS- 30 reps per leg but it was a HUGE struggle.
Next, I want to update you guys on my 1 week weight results-

On 11/14, I weighed 284.4 pounds, on 11/21 I weighed 268 pounds. That's 16.4 pound weight loss. Yes, you read that right.  And my scale is not tricking me.  I went to the doctor also for something else and they weighed me and it was the same loss AND my blood pressure went down from 138/89 to 120/81. I was shocked that even that little bit made a big difference in blood pressure.

I think that weight loss has a lot to do with 2 things- how I am eating and the fact that I do SOME form of workouts every day.

My diet has changed a lot.  I recently read a book called "Wheat Belly" by William Davis.  In short, the book explains that modern wheat is NOT good for you at all. It is not the same wheat as it was even less than a century ago.  Modern wheat seems to be responsible for a LOT of health problems, especially obesity and the problem is that wheat is in SO MUCH food these days.  It goes into more horrifying detail about all the health problems and stuff but it was enough to make me give up wheat and grains most of the time for good measure.

Check the book out on Amazon here.

I feel physically a lot better eating like this too. And it's not quite as hard as it sounds. Yes it can be challenging, but it IS doable.

Have a great day guys!


  1. congrats on the huge weight loss!

    i like dr. davis' blog and marksdailyapple.com (and nomnompaleo.com and perfecthealthdiet.com) for good paleo recipes and information. i went strict paleo for quite some time and personally do better with added rice, beans, and oatmeal (perfecthealthdiet.com recommends rice - none of the other sites do) but it's a good place to start from and see how you do and what you are sensitive to. for some people beans and oats are not good, i think most can handle rice.

    tracy's diet in her book and for meta are gluten-free but i think it'd be helpful if she explained why (gluten is a hormone disruptor, for one) so people understood what to avoid when they do stray from her diet. you might also be interested in gary taubes' book "good calories bad calories". it's pretty technical, but really interesting.

    i also think it's great you switched back to ab meta. you'll be strengthening the muscles you specifically want to work on (and if you enjoy it more, all the better!). plus, being able to move straight onto continuity just seems more fun!

    congrats again!

  2. Hello!

    I think most of the weight loss was water. I agree- Tracy's recipes are totally grain free for the most part- I wonder if she even knows why gluten is icky or not.

    I am so glad I switched back to ab. I really look forward to starting level 2 when the real work begins. I have done the hell out of level 1 and was SOOOOOOO glad to have just finished it!

    And yeah what a drag to do a meta, then another meta... blablabla. :)

  3. So nice to hear you are not just benefiting weight wise, but health wise and how you feel physically too. Gooooo Roxy!