Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 9

Hello everyone!!

I am done with 9 days of level 1, meaning later today will be my last day of level 1. I am SO happy about that for a couple reasons-

1. I can take measurements
2. I have done the hell out of level 1. SOOO many times that it's really not that challenging anymore if I have enough energy.

For day 9 I had almost no energy to do anything by the time I got home (about 11:20 pm... YUCK.) so I BARELY cranked out 20 reps of level 1. No cardio. Past couple days have been cardio-less because I felt so blah and lethargic- either a long day or having a small bout with a cold.  I am really hoping level 2 is better. 

Now the next topic... Tomorrow in the US it's Thanksgiving day- apparently the average american will consume about 4,500 calories tomorrow at dinner. 

So what do we do when we're trying to lose weight?  Well, you don't have to deprive yourself. Have a little of everything. MAYBE seconds if you're still hungry. DO NOT do thirds.   If you weigh yourself often, you might see yourself having gained a few more pounds after dinner. THIS IS NOT FAT. Your body probably hasn't digested all the food yet, and is also retaining some water from the salts you had (you might feel a little bloated too). Remember- it takes 3,500 extra calories to gain a pound of fat, after burning off the calories you burn from existing, exercising, etc.

All you have to do is go back to your normal eating habits the next day and keep on doing the good work you were doing.  If you are able to/willing to, go ahead, throw in a workout on Thanksgiving day too. I'm going to. Why can't you? 

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