Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ready, Set... Go!

Hello everyone!!

Tomorrow I am going to start my  body transformation according to how Tracy herself said I should.  In a previous post I posted word for word what I was told to do, but here's a summary-

1. Yes, I am correct about being abcentric.
2. Tracy wants me to do hipcentric meta because my abs are too weak to do abcentric meta yet. (Probably too much fat on my abs)
3. Diet- drink her shake in the morning, and a healthy lunch and dinner.

I wrote back for what to do about continuity, since I already have round 1 of ab. Have yet to hear back, but they probably have THOUSANDS of emails to go through and I'm ways away from that point anyhow.

This time, on my journey I will be keeping a journal- I have a pretty spiral-bound journal I am going to use to put stuff in- I want to take and print out before pictures and tape them in there too.  I might, when appropriate,  provide scans/snapshots of  parts of my journal, at this time no before pics until the 30 day point.

Taking measurements tonight and will work on making my excel sheet downloadable for you guys.  I like it better than wasting paper on calendars.  I am working on putting a little graph in it too, so you can see your progress in a more visual manner.

Looking forward to starting tomorrow!

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