Friday, November 25, 2011

Abcentric Day 11

Hello everyone!!!

I hope all who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a great happy, healthy time.  Personally, I did not eat a big dinner, I know you're not "supposed" to diet on Thanksgiving but I simply wasn't hungry. Why eat when not hungry? 

Also, I tried level 2 abcentric for the first time, doing 20 reps per leg to learn it.  I felt a considerable jump in difficulty/muscle burn doing level 2- especially in the floor ab work. Arms and abs movements are a little quicker and hit even more angles so I felt areas burn that weren't burning in level 1.  Speaking of burn... I have a little tiny bit of mat burn on my right elbow from trying some of the leg moves for the first time.  Most of the leg work in ab 2 involves laying down on one of your forearms while supporting with the other one straight. Helps hit higher angles in the leg, etc. However, how you situate your forearm is key- Tracy usually has that arm at a slight diagonal with her hand a little in front of her face. I didn't do that with the first half of the moves, I kept my arm horizontally straight. Don't do that. Also if REALLY in doubt, wear elbow pads/tape your elbows to protect them. When I went to the left side of the legs I did move my hand in front of me a little and no burn on that elbow.

Cardio- did 30 minutes with a little more jumping! Yay! There is one annoying side effect of all this high impact cardio- my throat/upper lungs have been feeling pretty dried out/scratchy after. I am also an asthmatic so that could be it, but it's starting to lessen, my body hasn't done major cardio like this in YEARS. Yay for progress!!!

Today I am going to do day 2 level 2 hopefully with my full 30 reps. 

Also, if you are doing your Black Friday shopping (mine got done at midnight) be careful of crazy shoppers!

Have a great day!!!

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