Monday, November 14, 2011

Tracy's Shake Taste Test

Hello everyone!

Just want to let you guys know I did try the shake this morning for breakfast.

It's pretty thick, even when using a full 12 ounces of water. 
For mixing, it does mix well in a shaker cup. I have what they call a "blender bottle" which is a shaker cup with a whisk ball in it.

The amount of powder used per shake is pretty sizeable, the scoop is pretty big and you're supposed to use 2.

And the most important thing you all want to know- How does the stuff taste????

Well, it's no Slim Fast. Slim fast tastes like liquid candy. This stuff tastes like they put the bare minimum of sweeteners in to make it taste somewhat like chocolate.  There is also a somewhat bitter aftertaste but it's drinkable.

Shakes like this SHOULDN'T taste like candy anyway, that means more junk in it.  I think the main junk culprit in this shake is the evaporated cane juice but I don't think there's that much of it in there based on taste.  Eventually I do want to try Sun Warrior which is actually a lot cheaper and has NO sugar whatsoever, and is also raw vegan. 

The bottom line- if taste is really that important to you- maybe this isn't the best thing to get (although I have heard of people blending berries and such into it for added sweetness).  I do also feel somewhat satisfied in terms of hunger, but I am also the queen of "I'm not hungry in the morning".

I will be posting later after my first workout. Have a great day!

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