Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 53-56 Metamorphosis

Hi guys!

I've been absent again because I haven't been feeling well- this month's Aunt Flo is really bad this time.  However I wasn't exactly inactive this weekend.  Saturday, I did a lot of walking, I went to two malls to go buy some new clothes for work. I ended up walking around for a long time, at least 3 hours. Sunday, I went to the mall again because I had to exchange something, but had to do other errands and clean up a little bit.  Yesterday (Monday) I really wanted to do my TA workouts but there was a physical factor that made that pretty much impossible. (TMI alert!) Really heavy flows caused me to have to take a sideline for the day, but I did eat sort of carefully considering. (Even though I finished the day with pizza I was good during the daytime and drank a lot of water).

On a side note: TA is supposedly hosting the Self Facebook page and included an article showing some moves.

These are moves from the book, if you do not have the book then this would be a good preview for you! 

Have a great day and I will try to get my workout in also!

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