Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 44 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone.

Day 44 ended up not happening because, as I said, I was preparing to wake up early and do my workout.  That ended up not happening because I'm the idiot who set the clock to 4:45 pm, not am. 
Today (which will be day 45- the half way point!) I am not feeling myself emotionally. I feel like a failure for not waking up, I've already eaten junk for breakfast and lunch (forgot to pack up last night) and I sort of feel stupid for making a big deal about this in my mind and then falling through. Ugh. I am going to to at least my MS tonight, still feeling down in the dumps. Ugh.  When I get like this I can be VERY self-destructive especially with my food. I get in the "Oh who cares?" mode and just eat whatever I want, devil-may-care, the greasier the better. No good. 

I really want to start eating according to Junger's elimination diet, which are foods from this list:

I also do have most of these foods at home so there's really no excuse for it, which is what makes me feel even worse when I slip up. 

Today I'm just needing lots of hugs and the like, I apologize for the depressing post. I hope things look up soon. I will try the morning wakeup again tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Don't worry and chin up! Everyone has those days. I guarantee once you start your workout, you'll feel so much better! I hope the day went better. I totally sympathize, as I do this every morning, except I set my alarm and hit snooze for like an hour :). Have a great day!