Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 74 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

As some of you who are on my facebook have seen, I decided again to start dabbling in Asian eating, not just the types of foods, but the habits too. I started today and did well! 


1 cup of rice mixed with 1 egg and soy sauce
Coffee (no sugar)


1 cup of rice
1 cup miso soup
2 hard boiled eggs   (I have my nifty Japanese lunch jar that keeps my portions small and my food toasty warm!)


1 serving of cold soba noodles (buckwheat = Junger approved as is the rice!)
Ponzu sauce (cold soba is usually dipped in some kind of sauce then slurped up)


1 piece of coffee roll cake (from Japan, looks like this:)

Mine came in 4 individually wrapped slices like this with 170 calories per slice. Also the sugar contents of them are fairly low, they are not overly sweet.

According to my calorie counting/food tracking app, I only ate 1,414 calories today. NO hunger. I was satisfied physically at each meal despite the small portions (probably due to the complex carbs and protein). I know I was a naughty girl and didn't eat my vegetables today but I will try to tomorrow.  I also have been guzzling water and barley tea (common in Japan like green tea) instead of soda. 

Exercise: Walked for 30 minutes outside, I took a chemistry exam today so couldn't fit Tracy in as much as I wanted to. I have her penciled in for tomorrow and Saturday though!

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