Thursday, August 1, 2013

Detox Diets- Are they really worth it?

Hello everyone!

A really hot topic these days in the diet world is detoxing. Everyone and their mother is on  some kind of detox diet.  Many people claim weight loss, skin improvement, and more benefits.  

So, are these detox diets worth it?  Here's the deal!

Most scientists and doctors would say that a detox diet is NOT needed. 


The body has many mechanisms in which it removes toxins on its own.   

If that's the case, why do detox diets seem to work? There are a couple reasons.

1. Eating fresh food like most detox diets require already does a LOT for the body. 

2. A lot of detox diets are also starvation diets- the weight lost is mostly water, which comes right back when you start eating again.

In theory, one could get the benefits of a detox every day if they only ate fresh foods, and cut out all the garbage (processed/fast food, soda, etc) instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money (Gwyneth Paltrow's site GOOP sells a cleanse that costs $500).

The Clean Program- one of many expensive detox kits

So the end of the story is- doing a detox diet is really up to the individual.  There won't be much harm if you do one, yet they are not needed.

Have any of you or someone you know done a detox? How'd it go?

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