Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Diet I haven't heard of- Acid Alkaline Diet

Hello everyone!

Like the GL and Mediterranean Diet I have talked about before, here is another diet I have not heard of- The Acid-Alkaline Diet.

I have heard the terms Acidic/Alkaline foods being thrown around before but I did not know it was a real diet.

This diet is under the premise that the foods you eat contribute to blood pH which in turn results in better/worse health.

They say that for optimum health, blood must always be slightly alkaline, with a pH of 7.5 (7 is neutral). 

The theory is that the foods you eat dictate blood pH, but the body does this on its own through homeostasis.

This diet is primarily vegetarian, with alkaline foods (some of them) in the picture above.  Acidic foods are things like meat/dairy/cheese and other animal products and are usually avoided on this diet.

Also, processed foods are also excluded as these are also considered "acidic".

So, while the food correlating with blood pH is somewhat bunk, will it let you lose weight?

Well, it should- If you are eating fresh food and most of those foods are veggies, of course you will.  Especially if you throw in some exercise. 

My opinion: this diet is a very good idea, regardless on the science. Fact is fact: fresh foods will help not only with weight loss but also other aspects of your health. 

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    The Alkaline for Life® diet is an ancient, yet today novel, approach to nourishment. Life-supporting in the most profound sense, the Alkaline for Life® diet is composed of fresh, whole foods combined in a way that promotes optimum biochemical functioning through pH balance.

    This is a unique approach to eating that provides the body what it needs to maintain a favorable pH balance. This means that the Alkaline for Life® diet provides sufficient alkalizing mineral compounds to buffer the acids we produce daily through the metabolism of proteins, grains, processed foods, alcohol, sugar, and other acid-forming foods.

    Unlike other eating programs and diets, the Alkaline for Life® diet is truly life-supporting. It works the way nature works!

    Specifically, the Alkaline for Life® diet represents an approach to nourishing the body that focuses on the following foods:

    most vegetables and root crops
    most fruits
    varied nuts and seeds
    lentils and pulses
    spices and herbs
    The Alkaline for Life® diet is moderate in:

    flesh foods and concentrated proteins
    dairy products
    The Alkaline for Life® diet more strictly limits:

    refined and processed foods, sugar, alcohol, commercial table salt