Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tracy Anderson Method for Beginners! A Quick Review!

Hello everyone!

I have officially received the TA For Beginners video and I've done it!

So, what does it entail?

I am pleased to say that both MS AND DC are included. Yes, Beginner (very basic) dance cardio moves that are done with wrist and ankle weights.  It looks easy but it actually burns. Especially if you are out of shape like me!  

Section 1: The afforementioned dance cardio- Starts you off with about 10 minutes of stretching and 20 minutes of basic dance moves while wearing weights. There is NO jumping so all you ladies with knee issues, give this a shot!

Section 2: MS work.  It is ALL standing. You will need a chair and dumbbells.  I noticed there are no floor abs and no floor butt work.  This is interesting considering that the past few times I injured myself were by doing the floor abs before I am ready.

She also DOES talk a lot, lots of instruction and encouragement.  

I strongly STRONGLY suggest this DVD to anyone who is either injured, very overweight, or just starting out.  I was drenched in sweat and I sit here sore as I write. Well worth the money!

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