Monday, August 12, 2013

Tracy Anderson Method For Beginners- Day 1

Hello everyone! 

Today was my first day of my plan that I came up with!   Knowing how my body handled it before, I was able to make proper changes and have a decent workout at the same time.

Workout 1:

I did this workout with full reps of the chair legs (It's only 8 and they're not difficult, more like a stretch) and I did the dance cardio with NO weights on.  For weighted arms I did use the 3 lb weights.

Workout 2:

Instead of doing 10 reps like before (which wrecked my body) I only did five. Tomorrow I will do six. The goal is to hit twenty and have it become EASY.  Once I am able to do twenty, I will keep going until it's easy. 

Food:  Pretty low calorie today but I wasn't even really counting, just eating stuff that was healthy(ish).  I do not know how many calories I ate today (so please no OMG YOU'RE STARVING! Posts.).


Black coffee
Greek yogurt with honeyed apricots


3 hard boiled eggs
Hummus with roasted red pepper


Homemade miso soup with tofu and shiitake mushrooms in it (a really big bowl and I used a lot of mushrooms, so my tummy was full of love!)

I also drank a lot of water. I do not know how much.  

Also, I did not take my body size measurements, I will not do that until I hit Metamorphosis, as I am treating the Method for Beginners DVD as a pre-conditioning, not a full on workout to freak out about results over.   I AM, however, monitoring my weight.

Today's weight: 298.5 pounds/ 135.7 kg. I weigh daily on my Wii Fit, and every week I may post a picture of the little graph it makes as my weight changes. 

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