Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tracy Anderson Method for Beginners- A More In-Depth Review

Hello everyone!

I did my first workout from the Method for Beginners and I will go into a little more detail how it went here.

Workout 1: This is the dance cardio portion of the workout.  You are supposed to do both this and workout 2.  Tracy starts out with some stretching (with modifications if you have bad knees, etc) and some standing leg work using the chair.  She only has you doing 8 reps of these, as they are more for loosening up.  Then, there is a small choreographed combination. There is NO jumping whatsoever in the workout.  Tracy says to wear 1.5 pound wrist weights and 2.5 lb ankle weights while doing this dancing but if you are just starting out, you do not need to.   She also says that many of her best celebrity clients started out this basic, so do not judge yourself or feel bad if you are struggling with it.  

My workout: I did this while wearing only wrist weights during the cardio, because I do not have ankle weights. However, I felt the workout plenty without them for now. 

Workout 2:  This is the muscular structure portion of the workout.  Tracy starts you off again with a little warm up, then comes the arm section.  For it being a beginner workout, the arms were doable but they did burn.  Don't worry- she goes plenty slow and gives detailed instructions on how you should be doing them.  She does both free arms and weighted arms with 3 pound weights.  After that, a few moves on each leg using a chair.  She wants you to work up to twenty reps per leg.  Lastly, she takes you through a standing abs section where she really teaches you how to move your ribs and how it should feel.  There is NO floor work. No work on all fours or laying down abs. (Which makes sense since that's what I kept injuring myself doing)

My workout: I barely was able to do 10 reps of the leg moves.  The arms were also very challenging. 

My take- I really love this DVD.  I did it yesterday and I could not walk easily after and I am sore and tired today. This is a good thing.   It's very basic and beginner but it DOES kick ass.  I also love the encouragement and modifications she offers. 

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