Friday, August 9, 2013

Tried Something New- Hiking!

Hello everyone!

I am still a little sore from my workout with Tracy the other day, so I thought to go to my local forest and walk around this morning.

I was walking along the paved trail they have and came across a more rugged looking path that met with the one I was walking on.  I thought I had nothing to lose, and decided to follow that trail instead. Turns out, it was a hiking trail I had found.

The trail was narrower, had hills and things and it wore me out a lot faster than walking on the designated walking path.

This is not the actual trail I took but it looked a lot like this.

Turns out hiking is just as good as walking, and because the terrain is unstable, burns more calories.

How much more?

In one hour walking on a flat surface at 3 miles per hour, a 180 pound person can expect to burn 270 calories.

In an hour of hiking/climbing hills (carrying less than 9 pounds of weight like I was) that same 180 pound person would burn 490 calories.  The calorie burn is higher if you are carrying weight.

In the end, yes, I definitely felt more winded in less time but I think I would want to do it again with better shoes on. 

Have any of you been hiking?  Would you like to?

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