Friday, August 23, 2013


Hello everyone!

Today is a sad day (for me) and that's because well, I slipped up. At least I thought I slipped up.

I felt very sleepy and tired today (my first day off all week) and I ended up eating not-so-good foods.  The day started off alright but then went straight to hell (or so I think).


Breakfast burritos made with a corn tortilla, eggs, sausage and veggies


Japanese curry (no rice with it but it had vegetables in it and beef)

Dinner (where it gets hairy) 

1 can of baked beans
1 can of butternut bisque soup (which was really good by the way)

The real part where shit hit the fan: My roommate brought home food and got me some. 

Wendy's double stack burger (I ate this bunless) and chili cheese fries.

It tasted amazing but I felt really mentally guilty after. I know it is okay to slip up time to time but even so, I felt really bad after eating it, like I did something "wrong".

I also didn't really move around much aside from running some errands and cleaning my bathroom.

I know everyone has days like this but they are still not fun even though they're common. 

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