Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to Business~

Hello everyone! 

I'm feeling a bit better today, which is always a good thing!

Today, I took my dog out to the forest for a nice long walk. We walked for about an hour, which really tired me out but he loved it. 

Tomorrow- Back to Tracy - with 7 reps for my leg work!

I ate a bit lighter today because I didn't feel too hungry and I felt like I was a bit calorie-heavy the past couple of days.


Scrambled egg whites with peppers and onions mixed in, cooked in butter. (Margarine is crap!) 


Homemade miso soup with shiitake mushrooms and tofu in it


Same as lunch, I made a decent sized pot so I could make a couple of meals out of it.

I am going to start to be having something new come up- beginning August 19, I will be back in school.  This means VERY long Mondays.  I won't be coming home on Mondays until late.

Ah, school... How I have missed you, haha

This means I am going to try my hardest to wake up early and get my Tracy in.  If I don't, or not able to, then that will just have to be my workout rest day.  Six days a week is still pretty good! (WAY better than what I used to do, which was like NO days a week)

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