Monday, April 1, 2013

4/1/13 Day 6 on Keto

Hello everyone!

I survived an entire weekend and almost an entire week!

I also hit a weight loss milestone.

I lost 10.1 lb / 4.6 kg since 3/27/13~!

Nope, not April Fool's either. 

Last night I ended up doing Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy workout before bed.  Today I had a long day and did not work out.  However, here is what I ate.


Whopper with no cheese/ketchup/onion/bun


Double cheeseburger with pepperjack cheese, pickles

Dinner: same as Lunch

Snack: 6 strawberries.

Also, I think my desire to have anything to do with carbs is almost GONE.  My roommate was eating pizza this evening and I didn't even eat the toppings.


It's a trigger.  If I eat the toppings and see the bare crust laying there, I will be WAY tempted to eat that too.  So, I ate a few strawberries. Only 6 carbs as opposed to the truckload I could have eaten with the pizza.

How were all of your days??

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