Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Still doing good on keto... But gaining????

Hello everyone!

This is my eighth day on keto I think, but I stepped on the scale and...

I am UP TWO POUNDS. (About 1 kg)

But Why??????

I haven't touched a single crumb of starch since I started, and I have no plans on it any time soon.

But why the weight gain?

Well, I have taken some time and looked back and saw two t hings that really stand out on my diet that I am feleing that I am doing WRONG.

1. Low amount of vegetables and a LOT of meat


So I think I am just bloated and need more fiber involved. Okay, also a major lack of activity.

So the new things to try:

1. More veggies (starch free!)

2. Less salty stuff! 

3. Get off my ass and move!

Tomorrow I am going to do Meta if I'm not too tired.

I hope everyone else had a good day today with their dieting. 

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