Friday, April 26, 2013

Hip Flexors Still Hurting... Another Course of Action

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, my hip flexor muscles are STILL hurting from my workouts.  With that happening, I took a moment to reflect.  Perhaps maybe I am not strong enough to do Abcentric meta yet.  Then the lightbulb went on.


Like my previous plan to start with the Pregnancy Project in reverse, this is slightly different.

Step 1: Begin with the Pregnancy Project in reverse like before. Here's why.

1. LOTS of gentle, modified stretches especially good for bigger people like myself (and pregnant moms)
2. 20 reps per leg is the max.  This is plenty to work on and keep good form for me at this point.
3. No floor abs.  This is how I believe I injured my hip flexors.  Tracy uses a lot of leg movement while on the floor and being as heavy as I am, I think I may have put a little too much strain on those muscles.  The other moves do strengthen the abs without all the pressure on the hips.
4. Nice slow pace and lots of instruction.
5. No dance cardio.  Cardio at this point will be walking ONLY.

Step 2: Teen Meta

1. Still a lot of stretching
2. 30 reps per leg is the max and adds in the resistance band so that it will be challenging.
3. Floor abs but less than Metamorphosis
4. Also a slow pace, but I hear she doesn't instruct much
5. Comes with easier-than-metamorphosis cardio and even a neat little combination

Step 3: Abcentric Metamorphosis and beyond 

1. By this time I should have lost some weight and built up some strength from the other stuff to be able to do Metamorphosis better.

How will I proceed through all these preconditioning exercises?  I'll go to the next one when the one I am working on becomes easy.  When it is no more a challenge, time to move forward. 

I ordered Teen Meta today and I already have the Pregnancy Project; when I  get Teen Meta I will give a detailed review as well as a more detailed review of the Pregnancy Project. 

I also am considering doing videos again. I probably will when time allows. 

I hope everyone has a great Friday!~

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