Friday, April 19, 2013

Feeling Inspired to Get Back Into Exercise

Hello everyone!~

I've been out of the working out thing for a while (TOO long) and I finally decided to man up and kick it in the ass. 

Exercise: Often hard, but necessary.

Partly what inspired me was a post I read from a friend who is a personal trainer.  Here's the post and here's his answer.

""I'm trying really hard to get to the gym to meet my goals. But I can't seem to get motivated. I feel like it's going on 3 years that I'm procrastinating and putting it on and off. I'll start, and I'll stop, and the cycle continues. What can I do?" 


This is a common occurrence in many people aspiring to meet their weight goals or a physique goal. But find themselves straying off track. I'll give you a NO BULLSHIT answer. You need to stop being a little punk bitch and ask yourself "Is this Whatever it Takes." By that I mean, is this the TOP priority in your life. Is this the do all, end all. If it isn't, you might as well go on the fuck home. Because you're never gonna get it done.

Once you get that out of the way, there are no excuses. I don't want to hear the most common "I have no time." That's a straight up bitch answer. Everyone's got work, family, and a life. You can't handle life? You want a damn pity party? You want me to tell you "Oh boo hoo, that's okay. I understand, it's hard to make it to the gym when you have no time." Brotha you better sit your fucking ass down. There's no mercy for you. When you start rationalizing why it's fine to miss a workout or stray off your diet plan, you're bending over with your pants down inviting FAILURE to fuck you in the ass. If you have the time to go to the movies, chat on Facebook, go to the mall, then you have an hour a day to get to a damn gym.

Meeting your physical goals helps you in ALL aspects in life. Not only does it make you extremely attractive to females that see a JACKED as FUARK body, it generates respect through our peers. A man that can Discipline himself in his very own Temple of a body, shows he can take on other tasks in life. It stimulates VIRILITY. MANLINESS. SEXUAL PROWESS. A MAN that seizes what he wants in life, and is not afraid to grab it. To GROWL and Take what is rightfully his. This is the CORE of what transforms a mere boy into a MAN.

Remember, There is no Substitute for What's in Our Core, so Bare Witness to the Fitness of the Modern Day Samurai WARRIOR !"

While this is very male-oriented (and a bit strongly worded), but this is relevant to me because I am the queen- no, GODDESS of the start-stop cycle, especially with my weight loss, and the tough-love approach really resonated with me today.

So, I always say I have no time. YEAH RIGHT.  I am on the computer a lot.  That time on facebook could EASILY turn into my Metamorphosis hour.  There really IS no excuse, unless I really AM busy (like being at school and work one right after the next, that's different.)

So, I am feeling really motivated right now, and just need to stick to it. Easier said than done.  So, when is this going to start happening? I'm hoping tomorrow.  *nods* I do have things to do but I'm sure I'll be able to spare an hour.

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