Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tracy Anderson Leggings Review (sort of)

Hello Everyone- 

I think I have reported about this before, but I have more information about the new leggings and clothes Tracy Anderson is selling on her site~

These are actually 3 designs- these two and a black sparkly design.  She also sells sports bras and tank tops that cost between 30-40$ and the leggings cost 60$ 

As for sizing, everything is one size fits most- and how big that goes I am not sure.  I also know that the clothes are made by Phat Buddha but these designs are exclusive to Tracy's site. 

She still is also selling the other leggings for Edition01 that go for $125 that are styled according to body type.

Would I buy these new leggings? Yes.  I may  not be able to fit in them now, but the good thing is that once I do fit, and continue to lose more weight, the top and leggings will still fit because of the one size fits most sizing.

Would you buy these leggings?  I think they are reasonably priced enough compared to like, Nike and etc and I do know someone who bought them and they said they were of good quality and comfortable.

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  1. Really like those shaping leggings. Any idea how they compare to the NoNonsense kind??