Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 5 of Keto Diet- Still Seeing Results!

Hello everyone!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

Mmmm.... Easter feast... *drool*

I am feeling really proud of myself today.  Today is my fifth day on my keto diet, and I am also making it through the weekend.

Usually weekends are when my diets go take a nose dive straight to hell.

I weighed in (I said before I will be weighing daily) and I am now 283.2 lb / 131.5 kg which is a 8.2 lb or 3.7 kg weight loss! In four days!

Here's how the food went today.


2 hard boiled eggs
4 ounces of full fat regular cream cheese


1 beef hot dog (plain)
4 ounces of full fat regular cream cheese


2 McDouble cheeseburgers from McDonalds, no ketchup, onions, or bun

Total carbs for today: 17.  That's a new low for me!

Also, I got a decent amount of activity in today.  This past week has been mainly housework, a little walking, but not really any time set aside to "work out".  Today, I took a 40 minute walk.  It's really amazing what keto dieting is doing for me- On my first day, I could barely walk 20 minutes with my dog before my back would start to ache.  Today, 40 minutes with no pain and I am bursting with energy.

My friend who is on keto also sent me a really simple recipe for pancakes- with no carbs.  They consist of eggs, cream cheese and a little stevia. I'll try them soon and post them in another blog. 

I still may do more workout today, possibly Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy workout.  I thought about doing Metamorphosis anyway, but I would be missing 2 days a week (one of my school days could be a rest day I suppose) and it's freaking the Type A in me out.  What do you guys think?  Should I suck it up, deal with the funky schedule and make like Nike and "Just do it"?

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