Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Rest Day

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, instead of being day 3 like planned, it ended up being a resting day.


Honestly I think I went a little balls-to-the-wall and perhaps pushed myself a LITTLE too hard.

I went from doing zero activity to doing over an hour of cardio and 30 minutes of toning work every day.  Owie.  I was very sore, and I felt especially sore in my hips, butt, and hip flexors (the little muscles that bring your legs toward your body).  Everything was sore, but the hip flexors felt borderline injury.  I was even worse on day 2, I could barely do 10 reps of my leg moves; I think the 20 reps I did on day 1 was me trying to be a hero.  With exercise, heroics get you nowhere but hurt. 

The red circled area is where I was REALLY feeling pain. They were begging me to rest.  They felt like they  were going to tear or something.

I was also feeling generally really drained, I nodded off a few times through the day.

So for now, I think I am going to slow down on the walks and at least get my Metamorphosis stuff in.

Also, the previous night, I got very little sleep.  Maybe about 3 hours.  NOT ideal for a day of intense activity.

So yeah, I listened to my body and gave it a little break and went to bed early.  I was exhausted by 10 pm, which for me, is early.  Midnight is even early for me. 

Diet- I didn't eat anything crazy- kept it kind of low calorie which probably served me well considering I took a break.  Mainly beans, vegetables, and eggs for breakfast. Total calories around 1,100.

Today, I will get my day 4 workout in, hopefully earlier in the day too.

Ideally, I won't have a rest day until not this Sunday, but the next.  Will it happen like that? Only my body will be able to tell me that.

Despite having had a rest already, I am seeing a little tightness happening, and a little fat loss too.  My roommate even noticed I look a little leaner. 

So, today, let's see how I feel and allons-y! (French for let's go!) 

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