Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 2

Hello everyone!

Another day complete!

Yesterday was day 2 (These posts are all going to be about the previous day), and it went alright but a little different.

My eating was different today in the sense that it was all homecooked food. Day 1 was a weird day for eating. 


1 cup of rice
1 egg

(I usually mix the two together to make a Japanese breakfast called Tamago Kake Gohan. It's a raw egg beaten and mixed into the rice)


100 grams of steak (all the fat cut off)
Steamed veggies
1 cup of rice

In fact, I have a picture of my lunch.

All served on small, pretty dishes too. 


Same as day 1- 1 cup of rice and 1 cup of curry sauce I made, with some pickles on the side. (Leftovers, I made a batch of the stuff so I wouldn't have to cook so much every day)

Total calories eaten for day 2: 1430

Now, on to exercise, this is where it got a little different.

I had the infamous TAM flu- that feeling of all over soreness and tired.  It did affect me a little bit.

1. I still walked, 40 minutes.  However, I woke up later than I had planned because I was tired.
2. I got my DC in no problem. 30  minutes of step touching but with a jump when I could muster it.
3. MS- had to decrease my reps!

Yeah, I decreased them! I had to. Doing 5 reps felt like hell, but I managed ten.  Ten good quality, good form reps, which is better than a bunch of reps done shoddily out of tiredness (and likely causing injury).

As someone mentioned to me in a comment, I am not going to aim for a set amount of reps and stop, but rather do as many as I can.  I did that for day 1 (20 were HELL) and today (10 happened to be hell this time).  I get that every day will be different.  There may be days when I can crank out 20-30 reps on my leg moves, and days where I can barely eke out 5. It happens; the fact remains I pushed myself to my limit for the day.

Looking forward to making day 3 a good day too!

Have a great Wednesday!

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