Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello everyone!

I made it an entire week!

Today is my seventh day, but I am not going to keep writing Day 1, Day 2, etc in regards to my diet because I really hope this becomes more of a lifestyle.

As for today, I haven't FINISHED all of my eating for the day, but I do have it planned.

Here's what I had today, I kinda had to just bring whatever was in the house (I am going grocery shopping this evening)


Corned beef and some cheddar cheese (natural)


Same as breakfast.


I plan on making some steamed vegetables, with butter on top, served with some fried tofu and soup. (Like I was taking to work last week- I really like this meal, it's filling and tastes really good to me.)

Lately I have been skimping on the veggies but it's not my fault! I haven't been out to do my shopping but I am doing that today!   I do know veggies are also very important on keto.

As for working out, I may do day 1 of Metamorphosis since I get out earlier today. The next few weeks are going to be weird but it will die down in May.   Like Keto, the Tracy Anderson method stuff should be a lifestyle thing too, meaning if I can't do it perfectly 6x a week EVERY WEEK, I cannot allow that to irk me too much. A little annoyed yes, but full on OCD? No.

Now I am off to go shopping, but I hope everyone else has a great day too!  Hoping I get time to do my workout (I have a pile of homework tonight... Ughhh)

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