Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dance Like Psy and Burn Fat?

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know, Psy's new video, Gentleman, is now up on YouTube with a new song and of course, a new dance.

Before, when Gangnam Style gained popularity, people said they tried to do his horse dance as part of their cardio.  In fact, blogger Cassey Ho of PopPilates/Blogilates even  made her own workout based on Gangnam Style.

There haven't been any new workouts featuring Gentleman - yet!  Like Gangnam Style, Gentleman is also a very danceable song, so whether you do the actual dance or freestyle, it's a good song to work out to. 

Have you tried Psy's new Gentleman dance?  How about the Gangnam Style dance?  Do you like the songs?

I hope you had a  great weekend, and tomorrow I start Metamorphosis.  

I will likely be able to do it tomorrow because where I live has had lots of rain and flooding, and where I work/go to school (same building) is all flooded over and inaccessible.  So, I may be home tomorrow and who knows how much longer, so why not work out?

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