Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Abcentric Metamorphosis Day 1

Hello everyone!!!

Yesterday was my first day of Metamorphosis and it went really well.

I took my measurements and weight yesterday (I'll post them every 10 days or so).  As for diet, I am not following any kind of strict, restrictive thing because to be honest, it doesn't fit my lifestyle.  Instead, I am watching portions and eating sensibly when possible.

Here's what I ate yesterday:


1 cup of white rice
1 egg
Green tea


Premium Sweet Chili Chicken wrap from McDonalds


1 cup of rice
1 cup of homemade beef curry
1/2 of individual size Kentucky Fried Chicken Potato Wedges
1 piece of boneless chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken

Total calories eaten: 1,626

Sounds like a lot, but I moved around a lot (well, a lot more than my usual).

In the morning, I went outside and took a 40 minute brisk walk.

Later that afternoon, I did my first day of Metamorphosis.  I did my cardio first (That seems to work a lot better for me since I am less tired) then the muscular structure work.

Normally I'd have done 10 reps, but I decided to push it.

10 reps was comfortable.

15 was a little bit of a burn

20 was the sweet spot

So, I did the 20 reps and for day 2 I am going to raise it by 2, and so on. Every day 2 more reps.  In a 10 day sequence that would add up to 38 by the end of the 10 days (instead of Tracy's 40) but hey, for me, that's still something!

I'm getting ready to cook my lunch and get moving myself for day 2.  

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

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