Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In a funk- Help!

Hello everyone-

I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but as you know, I have been MEANING to get back on the TAM train, but I still have not.

Mentally I really want to, like, yesterday. Mentally I would probably not have fallen off. 

Physically.... Another story.

Yesterday I had hoped on starting my workouts, all I ended up doing was walking to school (not horrible, it's about 30 mins both ways) feeling sluggish and bad.

Today was MUCH worse! I woke up stiff, sore, sleepy, and in a fog. I have been pretty sedentary lately, but I didn't expect that I would feel like a 80 year old with rusty joints.  I also haven't been eating great (no surprise there) which probably isn't helping.

To be honest I really feel horrible making all these good goals for myself and falling through Every. Single. One. 

Well, remember how I decided not to do boot camp because I didn't have a suitable chair?  Doing some digging in the basement over the weekend, while cleaning up I came across- get this- a perfectly good, lone folding chair away in the corner. How 'bout that?  I am hoping to start boot camp this Saturday, as this week I am pretty  busy with school and errands. 

I also have decided to walk for an hour outside (weather permitting) each day to  build my muscles up for walking to classes.  I haven't walked long distances in a LONG time, by the time I got to class, my  back ached, my feet ached, etc so I think I need to loosen up my rusty hinges not only by walking more but EATING BETTER.  I have been eating a lot of convenience food and I am sure it has been doing me NO favors especially where energy is concerned.

And lastly, the vlogs really are coming. I want to release one on Saturday after my first bootcamp workout.

Also, sorry for my sporadic, haphazard postings. I'm working on getting back on track with that too. :)

Have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hey Roxy! You say you're in a funk darlin' and you need help...so, how may I help?