Friday, January 27, 2012

Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method- Day 1 of 30

Hello everyone!

After eons of talking about starting bootcamp, being indecisive about bootcamp, etc, I finally took the plunger and just did it!

Some of you might not know what I mean by bootcamp. That's ok, I'll explain it.

If you don't know already, Tracy came out with a book in 2010 called Tracy Anderson's 30 day method.  It works in a very similar way to Metamorphosis- change your workout every 10 days. However, there are a few differences.

1. In the 30 day method, there are NO rest days. Hence, the term "boot camp" which she uses in the book as well.

2. Unlike Meta, the book actually maps out for you how to begin your TAM journey based on your current fitness level. BIG help!

3. You get a lot of background information, tips/tricks, etc in the book that you do not in Meta.

In short, I believe starting out with the book and THEN heading to meta would be a good choice for most people.  There is a lot more instruction with the movements, and you build up strength enough for the next level. It also makes the dance cardio a lot less intimidating, especially for beginners. 

Now then. How did my first day go?

I did my MS work 20 reps each move (every 1st day of a level you are only supposed to do 20) and I did 60 minutes of step touch cardio.  Mind you, you do not have to do this much. I did it because a) I am technically NOT a beginner with this stuff and b) I just felt up to it.  Remember, never go over an hour with your DC. Tracy says that both in the book and in Meta cardio. 

That wasn't the only movement I did today!  I have started taking my puppy out for 2 one-hour long walks a day to tire his butt out and so he gets the exercise a mini poodle needs. (They need at least an hour a day but he has pent up puppy energy he's gotta let go of) 

So yeah... I did quite a bit today.  I also took my weight and measurements.  I prefer to wait until 10 days have passed so I can give you a before and after(ish). 

Vlog should be up soon.  I am not sure if I have the energy to do it tonight, I think I might do them with a delay, like do yesterday's vlog today, etc.  Right now I honestly feel like nosediving into bed.

I hope you guys had a great Friday- and let's work for a productive weekend- at least workout wise!

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