Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sorry for the video delay!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I'm sorry I've been somewhat of an absentee. I have been working on how to use my webcam, how to angle it for best effects, etc.  I was having some sound issues but they appear to  be fixed now.  I am going to re-record my first introductory video, and try to make it pretty for all of you.

I decided I am going to be starting with boot camp and then meta.  Most of you know how the program works but in my intro I will be talking about it for those who don't.   Please bear with me, this is actually going to be my first video with me talking, ever. I'm pretty nervous to be honest!

I did,  however, run into a horrifying wakeup call yesterday.  For the past couple years, I have been living in elastic- meaning all my pants and tops are stretchy, loose fitting, etc.  I haven't worn jeans or real slacks in a long time.  So, out of curiosity, I was wondering what  my dress size would be right now based on my measurements.  Maybe a size 18-20 I thought. No. Wrong, so very wrong.  24-26. Not inches. SIZE. And plus size in the US starts at a 14!  The last time I wore jeans, they were a 16. This really got me emotional.  I can't believe I had let myself get so big.  I also took some real "before" pictures, as naked as possible- sports bra and little shorts. Looking in the mirror at yourself and looking at photographs are TOTALLY different.   In the photos, especially with nothing to cover your "imperfections" really opens your eyes to your problem areas.  And yes, I DID cry. Yes, it DID upset me how far gone this has become. UNACCEPTABLE.  So, for 2012, my goal is to hit under 200 pounds and hopefully be out of the plus sizes. My first goal is a size 14. If I get smaller than this, great!

Again, I apologize for my short absence but keep posted for videos!!!! Also, if you're interested, I am going to start up my  beauty blog again in the near future- check it out at  I already have some posts up!

Have a great evening!!!!

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