Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hitting a slump

Hello everyone.

I will not be starting my meta until next Monday.  Lately I have really been feeling blah about working out.  However, I did get up and move today playing Fighters Uncaged.

On the subject of video games, I saw on sale at Best Buy today that they have a Zumba game for the Kinect too.

I am really interested because they even have 20 minute classes and it's made by Zumba Fitness.

Speaking of Zumba Fitness, I am borrowing this set from a friend:

It looks like it pretty much covers all the moves and stuff for a beginner like me.  I kind of want to mix it up a little bit, do TA toning work and mix up the dance part a little with something a little less impact. I know some people who did the same and saw good results so I'm hoping for the best.

Have any of you tried Zumba?  How was it?

Hope you guys also have a good day!

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  1. Hey foxy Roxy, happy new year lady! We all feel blah about working out from time to time. It is especially hard to get momentum going in the beginning. I would lovingly encourage you to just do it anyway. I have half-assed my way through workouts on days where I just didn't want to do it because it was more important that I did it at all than worrying about doing it perfectly. I was feeling blah about making New Year's resolutions this year. I was feeling very unmotivated. Then the question popped into my head, "where do you want to be next year at this time"? That question really cleared a channel within myself and helped bring clarity to the fact that even though I wasn't motivated in that moment, I still wanted to make changes. I might ask you, "where do you want to be Monday?" would you rather have already had 3-4 workouts under your belt for this week, or would you rather have none? It feels good to start things on Mondays and New Years. They have that clean slate, fresh appeal to them. In the long run, it is all the workouts done tuesdays and saturdays, and other random times that really amount to something, at least in my experience. As always, I wish you all the best. Did you ever get that email I sent you? Please feel free to email me if I can offer any extra support :)