Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More random thoughts, and some Tracy news!

Hello everyone!

No actual workouts today, aside from me walking for about 2 hours running errands.  The boot camp starts on Friday so that I can take a rest day on the Sunday after ending it, then starting Meta on a Monday.  I made some more copies of my workout tracker, pics to come as well as my first video blog!  I warn  you- it probably won't be very pretty, but I said it was going to happen so I have to make it so.  Also preparing for another video project- a surprise for later! 

Today, the Tracy team put up some more pics of Continuity filming with Stacey and Maria.  

To be honest, this pic has me saying WTF for a couple reasons:

1. Are they going to be working out in these bikinis??
2. Maria's shoes (she's on the left) look more like they should be worn with pants rather than a bikini. 

Stacey again in pants actually sent to them by a fan, I heard!  They say to look for the pants in Continuity 2.  I think they're cute and I also like the sneakers. 

So, how is our pregnant Teeny Tiny Boss doing?  See for yourself!

This is Tracy filming month 4 of her upcoming Pregnancy Workouts. Not post-pregnancy, but DURING.  I think her baby bump is cute, she is probably more than 4 months along herself, but the workouts are still being filmed.  

Hungry for more cardio?  According to Tracy's twitter, (GoTracy) they're working on getting that out to us too.

 Its coming! I just finished an entire collection of new dances!xo

 And the amazing Stacey and Maria are filming the dances FYI don't worry you don't have to work it with my pregnant butt!x

On a last note, lately I have been more active in the Metamorphosis Community on her site (you have to have purchased Meta to get in), and there really are a lot of good people there.  For example, I even found people who are in MY situation with having to lose over 50 pounds, and they are a bunch of very supportive ladies.  So, if you have access and don't use it, I recommend you do. :)  They are the reason I wanted to give meta another go AFTER bootcamp, I heard some great success stories there that really inspired me.

Have a great day and rest of the week! 

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