Saturday, January 14, 2012



I had originally planned for today to be a workout day, but unfortunately it didn't happen that way.  At first my mind wanted to work out and my body didn't, then it changed to both of them not wanting to.  

I also didn't eat right either. That didn't help for sure.  I feel bloated, heavy, tired and downright disgusting.

 Lately also, I have been under a lot of stress from (seemingly) everyone about my weight.   Friends, family, etc always have something to say and it really is starting to get on my nerves.  I thought it wouldn't because I dealt with it for a long time.  Do any of you guys have that pressure on you? How do you deal with it?  I'm getting a bit personal here because it's been really getting me down lately and, to be honest, NOT want to do something about it out of pure spite (I know it's not good for me.).  

My apologies for the negative posting today but I felt like I really just had to vent a little.  Hoping tomorrow is better!

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  1. i haven't had that kind of pressure on me and i bet it would be really annoying and stressful. i have been on the other side of it - i've had family members that were extremely overweight and dangerously underweight.

    while i never talked to the overweight ones about their weight (i figured they *knew* they should lose weight for their health, but i also knew i didn't really know what it was like to be in their shoes) i can tell you it really is done out of love and concern. try to remember what their intention is, even if the way they choose to say it isn't always ideal.

    fwiw, my sister who was anorexic is now a healthy weight and a fitness instructor and my brother who was over 300 pounds is now less than 200. these things can be overcome, it's just really really hard because you have to eat every day and every day you have to make choices (i know you know this!). this is a hard time of year to stay motivated - i think we all just want to sleep longer and sit more and eat more. it's a natural thing in the winter.

    you are moving the right direction! looking forward to your vlogs!