Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Hello everyone!

Quick post again, took another day off today (feeling a little better than yesterday at least) to get some major cleaning done and to prepare for school coming up in the next week.  Thankfully, my classes are in the evenings so that I have more time in the day to get my workout done beforehand, come home from class and just rest for the remainder of the night.  Also, my classes are only twice a week.   Taking a light load this semester because I am *finally* preparing for admission into my nursing program at school.  I missed the deadline for last semester by JUST a little bit. So, I am really hoping this time does it. If not, keep on trying. (Very competitive, unfortunately)

Also- (I forget if I posted about this before)  I have been weighing in on my wii fit, and sadly, I gained some weight (yesterday was horrendous on the dieting level).  

I still have not forgotten about the video blogs.  I am still working out technical issues, and if I am lucky, tomorrow I will at least have something recorded for editing. 

I hope you all had a  great weekend. Let's hope this week is a good one! Boot camp for me, how about you?

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