Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tried Zumba...

Hello everyone!!!!

Well, remember the Zumba DVDs I borrowed? Turns out, I gave it a shot today and I have um... Mixed feelings about it.

It is a fun workout, and fairly low impact. Low impact actually literally means to always have one foot on the ground, it has nothing to do with intensity.  However, despite the low impact, the leg movements involve a lot of twisting of my legs which my knees really did not like!

So now I sit here, with sore knee joints, which did NOT happen when I did Tracy dance. Even though that involves jumping all over like a fairy on catnip, I never had knee issues (probably because of the shoes, but I used the SAME shoes on Zumba!).

I guess I will try Zumba again tomorrow, just to see if today was just a fluke or if my  knees really aren't into it.  If that's the case I will just stick with TAM dancing.

Any Zumba-doing readers- any tips for the knees to not hurt so much? Have any of you experienced this yourself? Tell me about it!

I hope you all had a great day- the weekend is almost here!


  1. Zumba seems fun. I've never tried an actual workout, but when the infomercial came on I tried to follow along. I found the same thing that it seemed jarring on the knees with all the twisting :( Actually, the part that really appealed to me was the music! Maybe I should try mixing zumba music with Tracy workouts. Haha, that just might work...

  2. If you are not doing Zumba in a gym or health club, it may be that the floor is cement or a hardwood floor over cement. This is very bad for knees.

    Weak quads and hamstrings cause knee issues. There are exercises to strengthen these muscles and it is well worth it. I began have some knee "tweaks" and realized my hamstrings had weakened due to just working on my quads only (thighs). Those musles surround and support the knee joint.

    Sounds like you know about proper shoes. I love the dance sneakers like Capezio or Sansha. They have the split sole, and have a sole that is made for dancing and saving your knees.