Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tracy Anderson's Weight Loss Advice for Brides

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I came across an interesting article-

In it, Tracy Anderson discusses various tips about shaping up before a wedding or other special event.

1. Start Early

Basically, as soon as you start planning for the wedding or event, plan out your workout and fitness regimen.  Don't be one of those  people who waits until the last minute and needs to lose 30 pounds in a month, because you will be sadly disappointed.

2. Diet

Do not deprive yourself severely while trying to lose the weight. Tracy suggests eating cleaner- use lemon juice on salads instead of dressing, eat lots of vegetables and lean protein, and exchange the occasional meal with a protein shake or a bar.

3. Exercise!

Your body will  not look its best no matter how you diet if you don't exercise as well.  "If you want to look like you and a healthy version of you and the best version of you for your husband-to-be, then you need to start sweating and exercising and designing your body to look like a woman," Tracy says. 

For more info- the link to the article is here:

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