Thursday, September 25, 2014

Iodine and Weight Loss?

Hello everyone!

Have you tried dieting, tried exercising,and anything else to lose weight but you simply just can't seem to?

You may be iodine deficient.

Iodine is crucial for good thyroid function, which is the gland that regulates metabolism.  If you are not consuming enough iodine, you could be doing major damage to your thyroid which may result in problems such as hypothyroidism.

According to articles I read online, approximately 74% of healthy adults are iodine deficient.

"But isn't that stuff in table salt?" you  may wonder? (I thought it was too.)

In 2008, tests were run on 88 samples of "iodized salt" and less than half of them contained enough iodine.

How does one know if they are or could be iodine deficient?  Well, there is no test to see if you are or not, but these are the symptoms of deficiency.

- Weight gain
- Low energy

- Depression
- Heart disease
- Cognitive decline (brain fog)

These are almost the same symptoms of hypothyroidism.  If you feel like this, try to eat more iodine-containing foods.  If it's not the reason, it can't hurt anyway!  Also, please go to your doctor to have your thyroid checked- it's important that if you are hypothyroid that you know the cause before doing anything to treat it. 

The foods containing the most iodine are kelp and bladderwrack.  Other sources are eggs, dairy, and meat (although these foods have a lot less.)  Sea salt actually does not have very much iodine in it.

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