Sunday, September 14, 2014

Disgusting stuff found in seafood

Hello everyone!

I found an article that may be of concern to my seafood-eating readers.

Love eating these?  Be aware and conscious of where it came from.

According to the article, the United States imports a lot of farmed fish and seafood. 

"In Vietnam, shrimp is stored in dirty plastic tubs, covered in ice made from tap water that could be contaminated with bacteria. Vietnam ships more than 100 million pounds of shrimp to the United States each year or about 8 percent of all the shrimp we eat.  
In China, many fish farms reportedly use pig manure as feed, which contains salmonella and makes tilapia more susceptible to disease."
What the article says to do is try to get eco-labeled or wild fish, these have not been raised in such an environment.  Also ask your seafood provider questions about where the food came from and use seafood guides.

I personally do not eat fish or seafood (allergy and I don't like the smell or taste) but I thought this would be useful to my friends and readers that do.

Have a great day!

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