Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tracy Anderson Gives Body Advice for Glamour Magazine

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, Tracy Anderson is also training Kim Kardashian, who just had her new baby, North West.  With that, she also has some advice for new moms- and anyone really- when it comes to pushing yourself for results.

She says one of the most important things NOT to do to a new mom is to put a timeline on when they will be at their pre-baby weight.  Tracy says "The worst you can do as a new mom is to say, 'I'm not losing it fast enough, I'm ugly now, my body's gone to hell, I'm going to start juice cleansing, I'm going to stop breast-feeding because I don't think the weight's coming off fast enough.' No."

She doesn't mention it for non-moms but I also think more women even without babies and need to lose some weight should also adopt this mentality.  This is a horrible way to think that even I suffer from from time to time- especially thinking I look ugly, gone to hell, etc.

"Stay connected to what you feel is the best path for you and the baby and do the workouts as best you can."  Focus on the baby's needs and yours before forcing yourself to work out. 

"The most important thing is, hopefully you're nursing and you have to make sure your breast milk is healthy."  This means what you put into your mouth even after birth is very important because your new baby is taking in all those nutrients you eat!

 "What matters is that you're smart enough to grab the tools it takes, give yourself the time, and when your doctor releases you to work out, that you actually do work out. And if you're doing that, you can't put a timeline on it— you're doing the best you can do."   This means everyone is different and comes from different lifestyles, so just do your best and put an effort forward. 

"Consistency is key!"  Sad but true, for moms and non-moms alike.  You want results? You need to put in the work and effort to do it as consistently as you can. 

"A pregnancy is not the time to diet, it's not the time to not listen to your body. You're creating a whole other life. I ate Arby's during my pregnancy!"   If you gorged on junk food while pregnant, do not put yourself down for it or make yourself feel bad.  Tracy is right- pregnancy is NOT a time to be dieting at all.

I think this is all very sound, mentally healthy advice.  Do not  beat yourself up for not losing all of your pregnancy weight within a month or so.  If it doesn't happen for you right away despite your best efforts, it will happen, at your body's own pace.  Same goes for other people who want to lose weight.  Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and end up failing in the end and sometimes even worse.  

So relax.  Breathe.  Do your best.  (And I don't mean making minimal effort- really do your absolute best!) and you may see great results sooner than you expect!

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  1. Yes!! you are right dear, A pregnancy is not the time to diet, it is not the time to not listen to your body. That time you are creating a whole other life.

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