Friday, September 19, 2014

Tracy Anderson Releases New Edition 01 Workout Clothes

Hello everyone!

Last year, Tracy Anderson released a few pairs of leggings with clothing company Edition 01 each individually tailored to her four body types (Abcentric, Omnicentric, Hipcentric, and Glutecentric).

Remember these?

Now, she has more pieces with Edition 01, expanding a bit from the plain black leggings from before.

I think the clothes are cute, but overpriced, of course. (Nothing new there!)  Well, actually they are priced about on par with brands like Juicy Couture (which I do own some pieces from).


Capri sweatpants (I love these!!!)

Grey Tank Top

Black Leggings (Only $60, half the price of the original)

There are more like these, these are just some examples of her new stuff.  She is also still selling the older leggings.

Would you buy any of these?  To be honest, I would be more likely to buy the newer (and cuter/cheaper) clothes when I am small enough to fit them.

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