Monday, September 1, 2014

Beyonce is a Vegan- Well, Partially.

Hello everyone!

I read an article saying that Beyonce follows a partially vegan diet.  She gained 60 pounds while pregnant with her baby, and has lost it all (as do most celebrity moms).  She supposedly now eats at least one vegan meal a day and has vegan stuff for snacks, like edamame beans.

Is it really beneficial?  The author of the article has her own testimony about veganism.   She went on a plant-based diet for a month, after 10 days she only added back fish and has since not eaten meat or dairy.  She claims that she feels better, her skin clearer, etc. 

They also consulted an expert:

"Healthy Hollywood relied on the expertise of vegan expert, Brendan Brazier; who wrote the best-selling "Thrive" book series and created the plant-based "Vega" nutritional products. He advised me on how to put together a nutritious vegan meal plan. Even though I plan to eat fish going forward, Brendan says nixing the meat and dairy is a healthy change, adding, "It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. There are tremendous benefits to simply making progress, as opposed to 100%. The elimination of meat and dairy will be significant and you will benefit.""

To be honest, dairy isn't so much the problem for me as giving up meat and eggs.  I don't  think I could really do it forever.  Reduce, yes. Eliminate? No.

Dairy, however, is something I don't eat or drink so much, so eliminating that is a lot easier.  I have no qualms with almond milk or soy milk (as long as it's not GMO)

How many of you are vegan, or mostly vegan?  

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