Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello everyone!

Over the weekend, I was shopping and I found something called Kumatoes on sale. 

What the hell is a Kumato anyway?  

Basically, it's a brown tomato.

It's a hybrid tomato from Europe that is brown- and supposed to be that way.  They are not colored, GMO, etc but bred by combining different breeds of tomato.

What do they taste like? I do not know myself yet, but I read that they taste sweeter than a conventional tomato. 

I did buy a pack (they came in packs of six and they are not very big- about twice the size of a golf ball.  I haven't tried them yet (looking for good recipes to put them in. Perhaps I might try them in a ratatouille or caprese salad) but when I taste them I will let you know.

I do not like the taste of regular raw tomatoes, I hope these taste better!

Now I am getting back to my final essay (exams done! Yay!)

Have a great day!

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