Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello everyone!

Today my feet felt a lot better.  The heel pain was almost gone for some reason. In any case, I did my walking again and it went a lot better this time!

I also came up with an alternative to walking when the weather is bad or my legs just don't want to move - Curvy Dance (Like I mentioned before in a past blog)

I actually tried some Curvy Dance today too. I did the warm up just to get a feel of it, and so far I really felt it in my abs and hips.  I can feel why people lose weight doing it.  You don't need to jump around to get a sweat going.

I am also still keeping gluten free and I feel a lot better, like the gluten released its grip on my joints along with my feet feeling better.

I checked my weight a few days ago, I'll check it again on Sunday.  As for the weekend, I still plan on keeping up with moving around and eating well.


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