Saturday, July 26, 2014

Precision Toning Initial Review and Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I got the newest of Tracy's DVDs- Precision Toning!

First, I do want to say that the labeling is SLIGHTLY misleading.

1. This is a TONING workout, not cardio, but I guess I suppose they could be in a way.
2. There are 4 workouts but they are not "complete" in the sense that one may think (more on that in a moment)

So, here's how the DVD is broken down: 

Yes, there are four workouts. However, they are not 4 individual full-body time-savers.  Instead, 15 minutes is dedicated to each of the following individually: Arms, Thighs, Butt, Abs.  They are meant to be done together if possible.

Also, the level of these moves is NOT advanced.

I see this DVD as a follow-up to the Method for Beginners.  Tracy says in the beginning of this DVD that this is a Pre-Metamorphosis workout and that its goal is to go further with strengthening up the muscles and getting them smarter.


Arms: This section starts with free arms,then standing moves with 3 pound weights- then it does one other thing Tracy  never has done with us ladies- a couple of moves, on your knees, with FIVE pound weights to get even deeper into those muscles.

Thighs:  This section has a lot of standing work with a chair, and some floor work with the chair.  You work up to 25 reps of each of these moves, as they are focusing on the thighs.

Butt: Adding 1.5 lb ankle weights on each ankle is OPTIONAL if you are ready for it.  These are also some butt moves both standing and on the ground.  She ups the reps here- 40 reps per leg for the butt!

Abs:  Now comes time for floor abs.  She has us do a few moves on our back at 20 reps per each.  Then, she goes and takes us through a couple pf plank-like moves. 

At the end of the DVD she explains that once this DVD becomes easy, then it is time to move on to Metamorphosis.  Unlike the Method for beginners, this does NOT come with cardio, so I came up with an idea until Dance + Cardio comes out (that's an upcoming DVD coming out this December!) if you are at this level and good at the DC in the Beginner workout, try working on the DVD that came with her book and build up with that until you get the Dance + Cardio (like I plan to).

I am not ready to do this DVD yet, I still have to start with the Beginners, which is by no means EASY.

Tracy is also very instructional and counts throughout the whole DVD, so if you are worried about cuing, this is for you!

Have any of you guys actually tried this? How did it go?

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